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Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Western Reserve Land Conservancy provides the people of our region with essential natural assets through land conservation and restoration. The Land Conservancy preserves natural areas and working farms in 17 counties in northern and eastern Ohio; its urban program, Thriving Communities, works statewide to clean and green urban centers devastated by the foreclosure crisis. To date, the Land Conservancy has permanently preserved more than 680 properties totaling 50,000+ acres; worked with municipalities to create more than 150 public parks and publically-owned preserves; led the efforts to create more than 40 county land banks across Ohio; and planted thousands of trees in the city of Cleveland.

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Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA), founded in 1979, is a grassroots coalition of farmers, backyard gardeners, concerned eaters, and others. Long before “organic” and “local” became commonplace in our food lexicon, OEFFA members have been building a healthy food system in which family farmers prosper, our communities have access to local food, and farming practices protect the environment. They achieve this through education, policy advocacy, and organic certification.

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Ohio River Foundation

Founded in 2000, Ohio River Foundation (ORF) is dedicated to protecting and improving the water quality and ecology of the Ohio River and all waters in its 11-state watershed. ORF works towards these goals through environmental education and conservation activities that serve to inspire environmental stewardship for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future citizens.

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Cuyahoga River Restoration

Cuyahoga River Restoration restores, revitalizes, and protects the environmental quality of the Cuyahoga River watershed and nearshore Lake Erie. Through research, outreach, education, planning, and on-the-ground and in-the-water restoration projects, streams are cleaned, trees are planted, and invasive weeds are removed.

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Clean Fuels Ohio

Clean Fuels Ohio is a state-wide, non-profit dedicated to improving air quality and health, reducing environmental pollution, strengthening Ohio’s economy, and enhancing our nation’s energy security by promoting and encouraging the use of cleaner, domestic fuels and efficient vehicles.

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Building Value

Building Value is a social enterprise powered by Easterseals. Through salvaging and selling building materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill, Building Value funds paid job training for men and women overcoming significant employment barriers.

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